Purchase Options


You have two key options when it comes to purchasing Your Climate Change PhD.

Option 1: Purchase access to a web-based version of Your Climate Change PhD, and then take advantage of the open-access on-line Climate Web.

Option 2: Purchase Premium Access to the Climate Web, allowing you to download it to your computer for a far more powerful user experience, and we’ll include Your Climate Change PhD. Thousands of URLs, PDFs, and videos will then open up instantly within the Climate Web rather than having to be opened and then closed in your browser (as required with on-line Climate Web access). A short demonstration video is coming soon. Option 2 is an enormous time saver, and it works with either the Free or Professional TheBrain software.

You can purchase Option 1 here for $99

You can purchase Option 2 for $499 (get Your Climate Change PhD for FREE!)

To discuss:

  • Organization-wide access to Your Climate Change PhD,

  • Our on-line course delivery option, or

  • Customization of Your Climate Change PhD to address specific organizational goals and contents

Email us: mark@climatographer.com or laura@climatographer.com

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