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Why did we build Your Climate Change PhD? While the Climate Web is open-access, so much information is organized there that it might take you as long to find your “actionable knowledge” as to internalize and act on it. If you’re coming at climate change from the perspective of an individual, or a topical expert, or a policy-maker, Your Climate Change PhD can quickly point you to 90% of what you should know about climate change, saving you literally hundreds of hours. Now on to the rest of the story.

Sixty years ago, scientists started worrying about the adverse consequences of climate change. Today, 100 million people in the United States are alarmed or concerned about the fact that we haven’t yet successfully mitigated climate change.

Even though the amount of information relevant to tackling climate change today is virtually infinite, and available to almost anyone with an internet connection, that information is not effectively translating into actionable climate knowledge. There are quite a few reasons for that, including the evolutionary reality that climate change as 2.0 risk has us outmatched.


Your Climate Change PhD can’t speed up the evolutionary process, but it can help you overcome the siloing of so much of today’s climate information, and the information overload that impedes our access to actionable climate knowledge. From the knowns and unknowns of climate change, from physical to systemic risks, from individual action to collective action, Your Climate Change PhD can help you come up to speed on dozens of key climate change topics.

Your Climate Change PhD leverages the 20,000 hours of climate information curation represented by the Climate Web, the closest thing today to a collective climate intelligence. Think of the more than 100,000 individually curated thoughts in the Climate Web, each representing a document, an image, an idea, a website, or some other piece of information, as actionable climate knowledge LEGO bricks. The Climate Web can can be explored as one massive LEGO structure, or through hundreds of smaller-scale actionable climate knowledge LEGO kits. We can even customize new kits to your needs.

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The 100,000 thoughts making up the Climate Web are open access and accessible through its front door or through its QUICKSTART page. You can also explore its basic structure and capabilities through this web site. Note that taking advantage of the ability to download the Climate Web through Premium Access makes it much faster and easier to explore (more on that later).

Your Climate Change PhD does not replicate the massive scope and depth of the Climate Web. But as you can see through the Table of Contents page at right, Your Climate Change PhD helps you come up to speed on and track the evolution of dozens of key topics. And once you’ve mastered Your Climate Change PhD, you’ll be in a position to explore almost anything in the Climate Web.

Note: If you are business decision-maker, or approaching climate change through the lens of business decision-making, be sure to check out Your Climate Change MBA.