Individual Action

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The question "What Can I as an Individual Do to Combat Climate Change?" is perhaps the most frequently asked question of climate change! Writers suggesting answers to the question have recommended literally hundreds of action items, many of which show up in the "Top 10 Personal Actions" blogs and opinion pieces that appear dozens to hundreds of times per year.

Such lists are not particularly helpful, however, since many of the items listed either wouldn't make much of a difference to climate change, either because they focus on relatively inconsequential behaviors, or because they are unlikely to ever scale to a level that could measurably influence climate change.

Your Climate Change PhD pulls together and synthesizes the very large literature surrounding the role and relevance of individual responses to climate change, including:

  • The #1 Action for Individuals
  • Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
  • Acting On Social Media
  • Acting As an Employee
  • Using Your Time
  • Using Your Money
  • Using Your Vote
  • Telling Climate Stories
  • What’s Missing: Helping Individuals to Play Climate Chess

It also hyperlinks you to extensive relevant curated knowledge collections in the Climate Web.