NOTE: Access to this Navigation/Help page, to the Table of Contents, and to the Introduction page, are always available to you through “Links” at right.

There are two aspects to navigating Your Climate Change PhD.

  • First are the inter-locking web-sites that make up Your Climate Change PhD.

  • Second is accessing the numerous supporting resources available to you in the full Climate Web.

Navigating Your Climate Change PhD

Navigating the inter-locking chapters websites of Your Climate Change PhD is very simple. The Table of Contents to the entire Your Climate Change PhD is always available at the right of your screen, allowing you to move between chapters. You can always tell you’re starting a new chapter or sub-chapter by the “Climate Knowledge” image appearing at the top of the page. When you start a new chapter or sub-chapter you’ll see its “pages” organized to the right of your screen. You can also open chapters and sub-chapters as new browser tabs by right-clicking on provided links.

Navigating Climate Web Resources

In addition to all of the content organized in Your Climate Change PhD, there are hundreds of links into the Climate Web itself, allowing you to access more in-depth topical information and resources when you need it. For a quick introduction to navigating Climate Web resources, take a look at this page in the Climate Web itself. When you access Climate Web links, we recommend right-clicking on the link and opening then in a new browser tab so that your starting point in Your Climate Change PhD remains open as well.

Basic Use and Navigation

One slide from that page is reproduced here since it will help you understand some of the links you’ll see in Your Climate Change PhD. For example, you might see references to Index Entries, or Sources Headings. As you can see below, Index Entries will always be preceded by an “I:”, and Sources Headings by an “S -”. The colors you see below don’t show up here in Your Climate Change PhD, but they do show up when you’re in the Climate Web itself.

Note that if you have downloaded the Climate Web through Premium Access, your user experience will be a lot faster and more powerful, with the links in Your Climate Change PhD opening directly in your downloaded copy of Climate Web. You’ll also have instant access to hundreds of “pre-set search strings,” allowing you to instantly check for new topical materials via Google Search, Google Scholar, YouTube and Vimeo, Twitter, Quora, and other platforms. For a quick video introduction to pre-set search strings, click here.